10 Awesome Joe Rogan Quotes

One of the most recognizeable voices in MMA today is the voice of Joe Rogan. The Boston born comedian has been with the UFC for many years and no-one can disputed that Rogan knows his stuff when it comes to fighting. A brown belt under Eddie Bravo and a champion at Tae Kwon Do, Rogan understanding the sport is second to none.

Plus, he’s funny as hell.

Here are some of Rogan’s best quotes from the UFC and his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”, which I recommend to anyone who likes some form of joy in their life.

10.  “Lady Gaga has a funky mug” from the Joe Rogan Experience, where he and his guests discuss whether or not Lady Gaga is hot

9. ” Nick Diaz is talllllkkkkinnngggg”  Play by Play on Nick Diaz talking crap to Joe Riggs

8. “Oh no, they spilt a bucket over. This is like the goddamn three stooges. What are you freaks doing?” –  The infamous Ice-Spill

7. “Alistair Overeem is genetically engineered to fuck your girlfriend” – Joe’s thoughts on Alistair Overeem

6. ” Real Talk….I wish you motherfucking woulddddddd”  -Joe Rogan impersonating R.Kelly

5. “If I was you, I’d smoke weed and look through a microscope” -Joe Rogan DESTROYS a pastor

4.” WHY DOES IT INTEREST ME! YOU’RE STEALING OTHER PEOPLES SHIT!!!!” –The legendary argument between Carlos Mencia and Joe Rogan

3.”Whoever made paranormal activity 2 I want to shit in your mouth and throw you off a cliff. P.S. FUCK YOU” – Joe Rogan tweets about…well, you can read…

2. No Hey, Hey, Hey …” – Joe before he puts some idiot in a Muay Thai clinch and attempts to Anderson Silva/Chris Leben someones face.

1. “You can go on for 15 minutes about meteors, you don’t have to go to mars first…” – Joe Rogan slaughters a caller-in on radio.

Thankyou Mr Rogan and please continue you with your legendary quotes.


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  1. The R Kelly bit is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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