The UFC-WEC Merger – 5 Dream Fights

Now that the WEC and UFC  have finally merged, MMA UK brings you the fights we want to see the most.

Anthony Pettis Vs Gray Maynard

One fighter has some of the flashiest, yet effective striking in his division, plus a killer guard. Whilst the other is everything his nickname claims to be – a bully. Maynard smashes his opponents for 15 mins straight without any let up. , whereas Pettis is looking to finish his opponents, whether it be standing or on the ground – and it’s got to look pretty.

Maynard seems to enjoy complete dominance of his opponents, whilst Pettis is trying to get that Knockout of the Night/ Submission of the night every time.

Frankie Edgar Vs Ben Henderson

I’m not trying to make any predictions on whom is going to win the UFC Lightweight title. However, after listening to Ben Henderson on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, I know that he definitely believes that he can do what BJ Penn couldn’t and beat Frankie Edgar. Whether they face each other for the title is a different story.

Shane Roller Vs Evan Dunham

These two are just straight up savages who will go toe to toe, whether it be the ground or the floor. Evan Dunham lost a controversial decision to Sean Sherk and Shane Rollerlosta hard fought battle to Anthony Pettis. This battle of lightweights could be what they both need to elevate themselves to the top again.

Urijah Faber Vs Clay Guida

Don’t act as if you can’t see Clay Guida going down to featherweight for a dream match-up etween Urijah Faber. These two energiser bunnies will go to war for 15 minutes straight and would probably be a fight of the year candidate. We can only dream.

Jose Aldo Vs BJ Penn

I don’t even have to say anything. The words bring a shiver down my spine and the names should automatically make Dana White think $$$. If BJ can’t get motivated for this, then he needs to retire.


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