What We Learn’t from UFC 121

After every MMA event that MMA UK covers, we’ll be doing a feature called “What we learn’t from…”.  This time we’re going to be focusing on UFC 121.

5. Court McGee isn’t a one and done fighter

Is it me or does the quality of fighters going into TUF these days seem to be quite poor. There haven’t been any real stars that have left the house since the early days of the show. However, Court Mcgee looks as if  he’s actually a pretty good fighter. His cardio and strong chin were what saved him from being beaten by veteren Ryan Jensen in the 1st round and a half. Then as soon as he sensed that Jensen was tiring. McGee pounced on him and finished him off. McGee is certainly a tough character (Don’t believe me? You go through an addiction to Heroin and Cocaine, then be declared clinically dead and STILL be alive AND an MMA fighter) and his toughness certainly carried him through this fight and might just carry him to the upper echelon of fighters.

4. Jon Madsen isn’t a “boring fighter”

It’s official, Jon Madsen is not a boring fighter. What? Seriously? No, I’m serious! If you haven’t seen him run through Gilbert Yvel and give him  a vicious beating then I advise you to find it. For future notice Mr Madsen,  I know you’re supposed to take your opponent down by any means neccessary. However, when I’m fearful that you may run your opponent through the cage, injuring poor Dana, I get anxious…

3. All The Nightmare need was a little Jackson in his life

Diego Sanchez was back with vengance…or just a really cool looking takedown. What’s the key to making Sanchez into a nightmare? Apparently it’s Greg Jackson. Who’d of thunk it?

2. Tito Ortiz is about as relevant to MMA, as Gus Johnson is relevant to MMA…get it?

I don’t want to say too much besides from… Tito, please retire and become the third man on the commentators team. Or just retire.

1. Brock Lesnar is actually a human being!

Yes, he looks scary. Yes, he can run 40 yards in 4.6 seconds (Thankyou, Joe Rogan Experience) and yes, he has a very large “sword” on his chest. However, Brock Lesnar learn’t an interesting lesson. You maybe the biggest and possibly the strongest Heavyweight fighter, but strength doesn’t beat technique. In fact, technique OWNS strength. Just a shame for you that Velasquez has technique in abundance. Plus a really hard punch. Viva La Mexico


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  1. great blog as always buddy 🙂 I agree with most of the points. TUF house has been struggling ever since Bisping’s group I would say. The TIto thing he really brought on himself, other fighters have gone through the same thing but the fact 90% off the time Tito acts like a total ass just makes us thing we want him to just leave and retire, whether he could come back in form or not I don’t think we care. He doesn’t really bring anything at all into MMA for me anymore… Well done to Brock forndoing the opposite of a Tito and just being humble for once, I think it won him a lot of fans the other night… Cheerss guys

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