MMA UK Interviews Top UK Light-Heavyweight prospect, Nick “Headhunter” Chapman

The UK seems to be producing new quality fighters, left, right and centre at the moment.  In a generation of new, exciting British fighters, who include the likes of Aaron Wilkinson, Jimi Manuwa and Cory Taits, there’s one other man that is everyones lips. Nick Chapman is a huge Light-Heavyweight prospect for the UK scene and is certainly a fan favourite. Chapman comes out to fight and uses his aggression and strength to break his opponents mentally and physically.

Chapman faces Jimmy Millar at UCMMA 17 on December 4th at the Troxy, yet he managed to take some time out of his training camp to speak with MMA UK regarding his previous fights, his upcoming opponent and who he see’s himself fighting in the future.

Congratulations on your last fight and the win Nick. How was the training camp for it?

Thank you. I was very pleased with the outcome, it went exactly as we planned. The camp was tough but fun, it gets real hard on the body at times but it’s my job and I gain confidence from putting the effort in. 
For those that don’t know much about your background, what were you doing before you decided to become an MMA fighter?

Getting into lots of trouble. I was an aggressive and angry man in desperate need of a way to channel and release the anger and aggression. MMA came into my life along with a wonderful woman and everything changed and everything started to fit into place. I guess you could say MMA and my wife combined saved my life.
What was the first fight you saw that really made you think “this is something I want to do”?
That is a great question, it was UFC 1 and Royce Gracie rather than a specific fight. I watched UFC 1 and was inspired immediately. My two heroes of the cage were Royce Gracie and David “Tank” Abbott. After watching these guys I knew that this was for me, I watched UFC over and over again and then went looking for MMA instruction.

Obviously the training camps are there to shock your body and prepare you for the worst when you’re fighting. How hard was the training camp for your first professional fight?
Obviously a lot harder than that of my opponent. I worked really, really hard, I did not enter amateurs or even semi pro, I just jumped straight in at full MMA pro rules. I was not sure how I would do so my prep was intense.

Your first fight was against Ben Scneider and it was one of the most impressive MMA debuts I’ve ever seen. What were your thoughts leading up the fight?
I was excited but surprisingly calm, I just wanted to get in there and quite frankly smash this guys face in. It’s not personal or anything like that I just love to beat people up. Is that wrong?…. Do I feel guilt?…. HELL NO!!  It’s my job and the best job in the world ha ha.

After your first fight, many people thought you were a brawler who over-powered his opponents with his strength. Obviously, you have in your locker, but in your 2nd fight, you finished your opponent Andrius Juska via Arm Triangle. Do you feel as if you were able to show that you’re much more well equipped than most people thought you might have been?
I guess so. I come from a brawling back ground so I can do that but I also love the sport at the deepest level. I am a MMA purest and I want to become the best that I can possibly be. There is not one single aspect of MMA that I do not train or take very seriously. This is a way of life for me and the most exciting challenge I have faced yet. To get to the top I have to listen, learn and train right across the disciplines.
Obviously chokes are part of the BJJ system, especially a move like an arm triangle. Were you focusing on getting in that specific choke during your training camp or was it something that you spotted and decided to lock in?

I see myself winning fights before they happen and then I work towards that vision. I don’t know why but that is just how I saw that particular fight ending. It was the same with Ben Sneirder, the finish was exactly as I envisioned it. Maybe God sends me a message.
I noticed that someone had listed your qualities as “Determination and Aggression”.  Are there any other qualities that you feel you have that people are missing?
Lots, I am very disciplined, self motivated, driven, and one thing that people take for granted as a MMA fighter is that you have to be intelligent. I think that this is a very important quality in a MMA fighter. There are so many variables to consider during a fight you have to be a fast and effective thinker. 
Your next fight is against Jimmy Millar? What do you know about your opponent?

I know that when he steps into the cage he will be stepping into my world ha ha …
What do you feel your strengths compared to his?
I don’t want to give too much away at this point as I hope he is reading this, especially the statement above.
If you win this fight, who are you looking towards next. There’s a lot of quality fighters in your division and with a few more wins you could be fighting for the title.
Wow – a title, that’s what I want. I am not sure who is next. I think that Jamie Hearne is on the cards at some point but it is really up to my camp and Dave O’Donnell to decide.
Any messages to Millar?
I’ll say everything I need to on Dec 4th, in the cage.
Anyone you’d like to thank?
First of all my wife as she is so supportive and understanding –  love you Karen. I want to thank my main coaches, they put so much effort into me; Soleman Raja of Prize Fighters and Andy Roberts of Andy Roberts BBJ Academy. Also my sparring partners Peter Mercer and Gary Turner, thanks for your time guys, and last but by no means least my sponsors Wellfit at and Black Eagle.
Check out Nick’s Well Fit Review Profile here:
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