MMA UK Strength and Conditioning Guru, Ian Frood Explains the Top 5 Exercises Every Fighter Should Be Doing

The 5 Exercises Every (and I mean every) Fighter should Be Doing

Below you will find a list of ten exercises I believe should be the bread and butter of all Strength and Conditioning programs:-

Squats: As you know I am very passionate about squats (if you are a first time reader 1, where have you been and 2, I am very passionate about squats!) The Squat which has been around for years dating as far back as Ancient Greece, is in my opinion the ultimate mass and strength for legs.

  Deadlifts: The Deadlift is the Squats non identical twin brother, in that it does very similar things but looks slightly different.        Basically the Deadlift involves lifting a loaded bar (Dead weight hence the name) off the floor. It is one of the key lifts used in Power lifting competitions.  

Clean: The Clean is the first stage in the two part lift seen in the Olympics the Clean and Jerk. The Clean requires lifting the bar from floor to its final resting place on shoulders and clavicles in one fluid explosive movement If you want throw knock-out kicks and punches or slam like Rampage or Matt Hughes then get cleaning.

Snatch: (Stop sniggering at the back)The Snatch (I said stop sniggering) consists of rapidly lifting a barbell from the floor to its final overhead position in one continuous motion. This exercise is another one that is great for developing explosive power. This is also another exercise that you will find in the Olympics.

Suspension Training: “Suspension Training is an approach to training using ropes and webbing called a “Suspension trainer”.” (No S**T Sherlock that is wikipedias opening description, here is mine.) Suspension training is the dog’s gonads, it is bodyweight training taken to next level. Suspension training focuses on multi planer compound moves to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously. I have found this training format works best in a circuit.

In the coming weeks/months (depends on how long it takes to write them) I will detail why all these exercises are great for the combat athlete (don’t worry I won’t be doing Squats again)

Yours in Fitness

Ian Frood CSC dip

Frood Strength and Conditioning



  1. awesome looking regime. Once my sprain heels I will be in the gym trying my hand at these

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