What we learn’t from UFC 122

 The UFC seriously need to sort out their camera men

Usually all the UFC’s show are very professional and well represented on televison. Tonight must’ve been an off day for the camera men as they had a bit of a nightmare trying to get certain angles and get out of the way of the fighters. Time to tighten up boys.

Is Amir Sadollah peaking?

Amir Sadollah looked like  seasoned veteren against Sabotta. His strikes were crisp and he was scarily calm throughout the entirety of the fight. Can he follow this win-up with another?


Nate Marquardt – MMA’s unluckiest fighter?

What does Nate Marquardt have to do to become the champion of th middleweight division. How many times must “The Great” be thwarted in his attempts to gain the title. MMA UK’s  article “The General Consensus” was filled with tweets that Nate was going to win. Sadly, once again he came up short.

Don’t Leave it To The Judges

Nick Osipczak learn’t the hard way that you cannot leave the fight to the judges. Many of us had it as 2 rounds to Osipczak and 1 round to Duane Ludwig. However, the judges saw it differently and gave the win to Ludwig. Could we be seeing walking papers for Osipczak? Who knows…


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