Wrestle For it! Olympic Wrestling Training Camp for MMA 2010

On the 17th and 18th December, Manchester will host a two day wrestling camp specific for MMA. This is a unique event as coaching will be Myrolsav Dykun, Gold medallist at the Commonwealth Games in India. Alongside him will be Mohamamd Ali, another successful international wrestler. Together these two athletes make this a quality event for the British Mixed Martial Arts community.
The camp will be at Parrs Wood Sports Centre, Didsbury, Manchester. This is a great location for the camp which will be using the centre’s massive sports hall, adding to what is already promising to be a special program.
Those who attend and expect just a few hours of light sparring will be in for a shock, as both coach’s have promised that the fighters will be put through 2 days of intensive training, with the coach’s using their excellent technical knowledge to show transferable wrestling skills.
This is a good opportunity for the British MMA community to experience wrestling at top level. Myroslav is a world class wrestler and has medalled at a number of high profile competitions within the world of wrestling. He spent a month in Russia on a hard-core training camp before travelling to India where he won Gold at the Commonwealths. He is an experienced wrestler, and when he is on form, he has lethal execution of his techniques, combining his strength together with precision timing.

Coaching alongside will be Mohammad Ali, another elite wrestler who brings his own method of training. He has spent many years successfully competing internationally and he is also one of the few people to help establish freestyle wrestling in Northern Ireland since 2006. Recently he has been coaching fighters in Great Britain.
Both of these wrestlers have been trained by some of the best in the world in their sport and they bring to this camp both experience and a high standard of training. The level of technical knowledge on offer, together with the top class venue make this camp an awesome event for those attending.
This 2 day camp is only £45 for each person. To register for this event you can download an application form on the camp website. Full details and updates can also be found on the site:



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