The General Consensus: Rampage Vs Machida

It’s that time again, MMA Fans!

You guys tell us your opinion on an upcoming MMA event and we give you guys a voice to be heard. Last time out, the majority of fans, fighters, coaches and trainers voted against Yushin Okami, yet they came out on the wrong side. Can they redeem themselves with their UFC 123 picks?

Ben Szwediuk (@dukemedia_uk)

” Machida- simply due to innate desire, mobility, and technical skill”

CAGEddEVIL (@cageddevil)

“I think lyoto got too many skills and is too quick for rampage. Lyoto gonna show him the real hollywood”

Amber J (@ambermma)

“I want rampage to win. I feel like he’s had enough time off to work on his game since his loss to rashad. BUT if he doesn’t take machida seriously, it will be lights out.”

Princess Mayhem (@princess_mayhem)

“@Rampage4real Baby by TKO in Rd 2! All Day!”

Jay Dann (@jay_dann)

“My head says Machida by knockout. Both have a lot to prove but I think Machida will rebound for his first defeat with venom.”

Dave Camarillo (@davecamarillo)

“Machida. He will control distance. Out strike Ramp. Faster”

Malik (@famclik)

“rampage via KO. Fighters aren’t scared of machida now! He cant handle pressure”

Evan Dunham (@evandunham155)


MMA Beatdown (@mmabeatdown)

“I’m looking for the “Return of The Dragon.”

Joshua O’Brien (@joshuaobrien)

“my money is on Machida unless Rampage catches him quick!”

VigilanteMMA (@vigilantemma)

“I think Machida wins. He’ll frustrate Rampage all night long.”

Gil Martinez (@mastermitter)

“Machida. Much faster and better foot work”

Ian Frood (@ianfrood)

“I am going with Rampage as he has a point to prove after the time off and the last fight”

Spencer Randall (@hammersginge)

” machida just through sheer movement, I love rampage but I doubt he will be able to land any solid punches on machida”

Jimi Manuwa (@posterboyjm)

“Machida. More tools.”

Sarah Kaufman (@mmasarah)

” If Rampage can draw in Machida like he did Liddell he may be able to get the KO”

Casey Thomas (@vegasmma)

“im going RAMPAGE yes Machida is a stellar fighter,Rampage is like the phoenix rising from ashes to be great again. redemption bro”

Look out for UFC 123 on Saturday, then check back here to see if these guys were right!


1 Comment

  1. Im going with my heart and saying Rampage. . . . but I honestly don’t know

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