UFC 123 Predictions

George Sotiropoulous Vs Joe Lauzon

Both of these fighters are coming off impressive victories,but in very different ways. Sotiropoulous is coming off a dominating performance against the aways tough Kurt Pellegrino, but Lauzon is coming off a win which many class as “Beatdown of The Year”, against Gabe Ruediger. I’m a fan of both fighters, but it seems to me that unless Lauzon has finally matured and fully reached his potential, he’s not going to be able to beat Sotiropoulous. Sotiropoulous is having the best form of his life and I don’t expect it to stop again Lauzon.

Sotiropoulous via Unanimous Decision

Phil Davis Vs Tim Boetsch

Davis has been on an absolute tear recently and has ran through whatever opponents the UFC have put in front of him and I don’t expect that run of wins to finish with Boetsch. Davis is a pure athlete and reminds me of Jon Jones without Jone’s ability to strike with an opponent. His wrestling is quality and he’s starting to understand the game better with every fight he has.

Davis via Unanimous Decision

Gerald Harris Vs Maiquel Falcão

Another fighter who has been on a bit of tear recently is Gerald Harris has finished all of his opponents since he arrved at the UFC. Not much is known about his opponent, but what we do know is that Harris likes the sound of a knockout bonus and will be definitely trying to get the knockout in anyway he can.

Harris via Knockout, 2nd round

Matt Hughes Vs BJ Penn

Matt Hughes VS BJ Penn is probably going to be the MMA equivalent of a chess match. Both fighters are experienced, both fighters know each other very well and both fighters want the win more. The question is, who wants the win more? It depends on BJ Penn in my eyes. If you see the hungry, dedicated, swinging back and forth, FOCUSED BJ Penn, then I’ll put my money on BJ. If it’s the BJ who lost to Frankie Edgar, then Hughes will destroy him. I’m going to go with BJ, because I think he knows this is essentially his last roll of the dice.

Penn via Unanimous Decision

Rampage Jackson Vs Lyoto Machida

I like both of these fighters a lot, but it’s so hard to predict whose going to win. Everyone knows their strong points. Machida’s elusiveness, ability to jump and strike his opponents, then jump right back out again. Rampage’s brute strength, knockout power and refusal to give up. Everyone has also seen their weaknesses though, and it’s going to come down to who makes the first mistake. I think it’s going to be Rampage as Machida is definitely more paitient and will wait for the opening.

Machida via TKO, 2nd round


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