What We Learn’t From UFC 123

Edson Barbosa is a fan of Jose Aldo

I hope that you all saw this preliminary fight as this Edson Barbosa kid as his striking looked really impressive. Besides from the fact his surname reminds me of Pirates Of The Caribbean, he was certainly impressive in his UFC debut. I felt sort for his opponent as he probably had no idea what he was getting himself into facing this guy. If Charles Olivera can’t get past Jim Miller, then I’d love to see these two Brazilians scrap.

If you can back up your cocky attitude, then continue to be cocky

When Brian Foster stepped into the cage at UFC 123, he looked pretty cocky for a guy whose knee got dismantled by Chris Lytle. However, he had every reason to as he put a old school beating on Matt Brown. I feel kind of sorry for Brown as his nickname is “The Immortal”, but he seems to be far from it. He got ripped up by Chris Lytle and was less impressive against a lesser opponent.

Maiquel Falcão “This the Ultimate Fighting Championship, not the Ultimate Staring Championship

Who the hell is Maiquel Falcão? Well, I know now and for two rounds, he showed how much of a bad ass he was. Gerald Harris is no joke and although he wasn’t very impressive during the bout, he showed how tough he was. This Falcão dude though seems to be the real deal – maybe a bit crazy, but definitely talented. He needs to remember that it’s about finishing his opponents and not playing it safe. You let Chute Box down!

“Hey Mr Penn, you’ve been away for awhile. It’s good to have you back”

As I sat with some of my crew as we geared up for the BJ Penn fight, I took a look at BJ as he entered into the arena. I don’t know why, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I can tell if BJ is going to win by just looking him in the eyes. My crew were convinced that Matt Hughes was going to put a beating down on Penn, but I felt that BJ was just “on”.

I hate to say I told you so…

Rampage Jackson brings it back to the Pride Days…sort of…

Personally, I had the win for Machida, but it was a close fight. I saw glimpses of the old school Rampage Jackson and when he nearly hit the slam on Machida I nearly had a heart attack ( or that might be possibly because I eat too much pizza, but I digress). I’ll give Rampage his dues, it was a tough fight and he didn’t back down or get to frustrated with his inabiliy to get to the always elusive Machida. Kudo’s Quinton, kudo’s.


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