Potential Coaches For Next Seasons TUF

With TUF 12 coming to an end this week, the question in the back of everyones mind is “Who are going to be new coaches for TUF13?” There hasn’t been much information regarding who is going to be on the show or whose going to be coaching, but here are MMA UK’s picks if we had a say in the matter.

Urijah Faber & Miguel Torres

With the introduction of the Bantamweights and Featherweights to the UFC, this would be a great way to introduce to the new MMA world some of the greatest MMA fighters to grace the cage. A lot of UK based MMA fans would have never seen WEC and may not know who Urijah Faber or Miguel Torres are and that’s a shame. This would be a great way to introduce these two fantastic fighters to a new audience and showcase their skills and accomplishments to those who never saw them fight in the WEC. If Torres can get past Banuelos, then these two could definitely be the next coaches on the show.


Jon Fitch & BJ Penn

With their upcoming fight in Australia announced at the last UFC event, this would be a great way to promote these two fighters. It’s interesting that Fitch was a guest coach on this seasons TUF and has recently said that he’d love to be a coach on the show and Penn has already coached on the show, so he knows how the show works and what needs to be done. It could also help cause some animosity between the two fighters as neither of them have any particular issues with each other.

The winner of Frankie Edgar & Gray Maynard Vs The winner of Ben Henderson Vs Anthony Pettis

For those that don’t know already, the winner of the Ben Henderson/Anthony Pettis fight is going to take on the winner of the Frankie Edgar/Graymaynard fight.  Any of these four fighters would make great coaches on the show. Edgar’s ever evovling skills and work ethic would be a fantastic thing for fighters to learn from, whilst Ben Henderson’s ground skills are certainly something any rookie fighter could get learn from. However, what I think would make great TV and also a great experience for the fighters on the show would be Gray Maynard and Anthony Pettis coaching. I’m not sure if many people heard Maynard onf the TJ De Sanctis MMA Radio Show after his win against Kenny Florian, but he exuded the sort of swagger that I didn’t know he had. We always knew he was confident, but he showed it in such a way that made me think that if they gave this guy some screen time and he exhbited that sort of persona, then the UFC have a star in the making.

MMA fans and some non-MMA fans are already emotionally invested in Anthony Pettis after his time on “World Of Jenks”. He gained a tremendous amount of fans from the show and by giving him even more screen time, coupled with the fact that he has fantastic coaches and a very unique and watchable style of fight, Pettis would be a fantastic choice for a coach on the show.


Forrest Griffin & Rich Franklin

Is it too late for this to happen? I don’t know…I hope not. These two would be awesome as coaches. We’ve already seen Forrest dismantle Rampage Jackson’s crew of misfits when they were on TUF with each other. I don’t think the same would happen if Franklin was a c0ach on the show. It would be interesting to see these two veterens of the sport have a battle of the minds TUF and have that coincide with that in the cage.


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