The Mystery Of Gray Maynard’s UFC 125 Theme Song

MMA UK are big fans of Gray Maynard and he’s been more than good to us providing the site with an awesome interview and a great entry in “Fight Music”. As everyone who read the Gray Maynard Fight Music article will know, Maynard is a big hip hop fan and came out to Young Jeezy in his fight against Kenny Florian at UFC 118.

We’re going to start a competition right now of who can guess Grays theme song for UFC 125. First person to get it will get a signed autograph by Kenda Perez and possibly something signed by Gray (if I can persuade him to do it)

Check back at this article weekly for a new hint

First Hint

UFC 125 is in Las Vegas, Nevada…the song has something to do with his city

Get thinking detectives!



  1. The song is by Young Jeezy Featuring Plies and it called Lose My Mind!

    • I think Lose My Mind was from UFC 118. But his entrance song from 125 does sound alot like Lose My Mind.

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