Who Wants To Fight Chael Sonnen

With Chael Sonnen’s suspension decreased to 6 months, he’ll be able to return back to the UFC in early March. With no opponent set for him, many are wondering who the brash fighter wil face next. Here are MMA UK’s potential picks for Sonnen’s long awaited return.





Michael Bisping

Much like Sonnen, Bisping is a master of trash talk and between the both of them, they could sell an entire card just with their back and forth banter. It all started after Anderson Silva beat Sonnen and Bisping tweeted his happiness of the outcome. Sonnen would reply with the fantastic quote

If Bisping mentions my name in public ever again, I will bury him where he stands”

Anyone who doubts that that this would be a good fight would be silly, as it’s perfect example of grappler vs striker with an added bit of trash talk. If Bisping can get past Jorge Rivera in Australia, then I don’t see why Joe Silva wouldn’t make this fight.






Wanderlei Silva

If you haven’t seen the video of Wanderlei Silva punking Chael Sonnen, then you’ve been living under a rock. It would almost feel like a Brazil vs USA sort of fight, as Sonnen said some harsh things about Brazil and some of MMA’s famous Brazilians, the Nogueira brothers.

This fight would have “Fight Of The Night” written all over it as neither man will let up and will give it all they’ve got until the last second of the last round.


Vitor Belfort or Anderson Silva


It really depends on the outcome (and on Dana White’s though process). If Belfort beats Silva, does he throw Anderson in with Sonnen for the re-match we all want or does he give Sonnen a title shot? That’s a hard question to ask. However, it feels like a relative no-brainer if Silva wins as you’ve got a re-match to a fight that many consider to be the fight of the year. Each lead to serious money, it all depends who wins in the next Middleweight title match.


What do you think? Chime in on the comments page!








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