The General Consensus: GSP Vs Koscheck II

These are the views of the fans on twitter on the upcoming GSP vs Josh Koscheck fight!


Ben Szwediuk


GSP- because even the most reserved champion in the world won’t resist the temptation to KO Kos.


Anthony Mitchell


GSP by TKO, he will drop Kos with a laser punch and finish him with strikes on the ground.


Amber J.


if kos stops gsp’s takedowns, kos knocks gsp out. If he doesn’t. Gsp wins in his usual glorified fashion


Ross Pettifer


GSP via FATALITY – Flawless Victory (I’m hoping) But I think GSP sub or tko 2nd or 3rd





Georges St Pierre, because he’s my guy!!!!!! TeamGSP


MMA Wives


GSP because he will keep composure even if he gets in trouble…complete fighter


Torture House Inc.


I’m gonna go with GSP. He’s more of an over all athlete. He’s just superb.





GSP will finish him – Sub Rd 4. Might even see some headkicks


chuck giles


I got gsp by tko in the 1st


Travis Thompson



GSP by anything and everything he wants. he’s 2 much for Kos. superior fighter


Spencer Randall


maybe I’m Jumping on the band wagon but I see gsp winning by ground and pound. I just see him as too good for kosch’s gameplan


Toby Smith



i have to pick GSP. he’s not lost a round in 2 years and does everything kos does and more. he’s a complete fighter


Jay Dann


GSP will finish Koscheck. Quick takedown and the finish similar to that of his victory over Matt Serra


What do you guys think?




    If GSP wins then I will bet my copy of call of duty that its by descision. That guy couldn’t finish a book let alone a fight.

    • You heard it first people! MMA Analyst Kris Mentor has Josh Koscheck FTW!

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