MMA UK New Sister Site – Cage Queen

Are you a female fighter in the UK or Europe? Are you finding it difficult to find a fight. Well, MMA UK have paired up with Cage Queen to help female fighters network and get fights sorted. It’s a really cool site, which is focused on helping grow the sport of women’s MMA. Check out what the owner, Izzy Carnwath has to say about it…



Mixed Martial Arts is the world’s fastest growing sport and (we think) its most exciting. Cage Queen has also noticed that there are a growing number of lone females training in MMA gyms across the UK. However, trying find a good match  -when you can’t afford to cross the pond- isn’t always easy. Or even trying to someone your weight to spar with can be a nightmare. Try to find an article relating to women fighters and their specific training issues in the available combat magazines—they’re few and far between.

Cage Queen is here to fix those issues. Here you can find out about female MMA fighters and events across the UK (and Europe). You will be able to find useful articles and get the latest news updates. If you’re a female fighter or simply training in MMA and related fight sports then this is your website too—help us to grow it! Make use of it! Send in your articles, your news, events, fighter stats… Maybe you know of a new fighter on the block? Get her to add herself to the database. Maybe you’re a boxer or wrestler with something say? Or Danish and want to come over to fight? How about getting chatting on our forum? Let’s make women’s MMA in the UK the shit hot scene it should be.

Cage Queen is owned by Isobel Carnwath. You can find her on Facebook or follow “Izzy Carnwath” on Twitter.


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