What We Learn’t from UFC 124

Canadian Crowds are Awesome

Even sitting here in my crappy little house in the United Kingdom, I could feel the atmosphere coming from the Bell Centre. As if the fights weren’t good enough, the crowd were electric and took part in the show, and that’s made it awesome to me.


George’s St Pierre is NOT a boring fighter

I think this fight might just have proved to the haters that St Pierre will stand and trade with you, if he feels that he can. He’s a smart fighter, not a safe fighter. Fans need to realize the difference. His training with Freddie Roach seemed to pay off as he lit up Koschecks face with an intense jab if I ever saw one.


Oliveira Overated?

For someone whose touted their BJJ skills as being so good that he didn’t need to work on his wrestling, Charles Oliveira didn’t make any of us believe him. In fact, his BJJ looked pretty “meh” against Jim Miller, who took the fight to Oliveira and caught him with a nasty kneebar. Oliveira is still young and is going to learn the game and certainly get better, but he needs to training on his wrestling, and sharpen his Muay Thai skills, otherwise fighters like Miller will catch him off guard pretty easily.


Is it Miller Time Yet?


Jim Miller is knocking on the door for a UFC Lightweight title shot. The only people he’s lost too are Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar – the two top lightweights in the UFC right now. Depending on who you ask, Miller is one or two fights away from a title shot, so why not throw him one of the new WEC boys. The UFC need to start giving this guy some promotion because he doesn’t seem like he’s gonna stop running through people.


The Pitbull is back

Thiago Alves had a point to prove and he proved it against John Howard. With all the weight issues and the back to back losses against GSP and Jon Fitch,  Alves looked dangerous against Howard, landing vicious leg kicks and just pummeling the poor guy. Should Alves be put back into contention for the UFC Weltweight title? I don’t know about that, but if he has another performance like that then why not?


The Riddle that is Riddle’s striking

Matt Riddle is a tough kid and if anyone tells me different, then I’ll direct them to his fight with Sean Pierson. He took some serious shots from the Canadian, but asked for more and kept on trading with him. He never looked tired and if this was a five round fight then he might have knocked his opponent out. However, someone needs to tell Riddle that he won’t win Knockout Of The Year with air strikes. I want to see the compustrike of shots that Riddle landed, because it can’t of been too many.


Mac Danzig doesn’t read the script

To me, Mac Danzig has had some terrible luck whilst in the Octagon and I’ll be the first to admit that I had my doubts about him beatin Joe Stevenson who has fought some of the best 155ers out there. What else can I say besides from, I’m sorry Mr Danzig, I will never doubt you again.


P.S Awesome hair dude…


What did you guys think? Do you feel I left anything out? Drop me a comment under the article or tweet me @mmaukblog


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  1. Cool review .. yeah I think the Canadians enjoy their fights I mean just look at the Ice Hockey.
    That’s an excellent point on GSP he definitely knows how to manage a fight to his advantage which makes him really dangerous.

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