Whose Next For GSP?

Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who wants to face Georges St Pierre next? Not me, but there’s a lot of guys who are vying for the welterweight title, even after the impressive beating that St Pierre gave Koscheck last night. MMA UK look at the next contenders.

Shields is a formidable opponent for anyone, simply because the dude is an absolute winner. Dan Henderson hit him with some big shots, Paul Daley hit him with some big shots, Martin Kampmann hit him with some BIG shots and still, they weren’t able to finish him and he managed to get the win. The only issue with Shields is that he’s “one-dimensional” and GSP hasn’t got  any issues with stopping a takedown and has awesome stand-up. Could spell disaster for the Cesar Gracie protege.

If anyone deserves to be fighting for the title, it’s Jon Fitch. How do you look past a dude whose beaten everyone that you’ve put in front of him (besides from GSP). It must be difficult to when your boss doesn’t give you the respect you deserve. The sad thing for Fitch is that unlike Koscheck, Fitch hasn’t got that dynamic striking. Take a year off from grappling Jon, and just do some serious kickboxing.


Unless Penn has got some new tricks up his sleeve or he DEMOLISHES Jon Fitch (I don’t mean decision, I mean a flying headkick, knock him senseless 1st round KO) then I don’t want to see BJ Penn fight Georges St Pierre again. He was close e to beating St Pierre the first time,  got absolutely battered the second time, so what will a third time prove to anyone. Is it a fight that the public really want to see? Not really sure to be honest.


The guy has good wrestling, underrated boxing and he may not look like it, but the man is a SAVAGE! If you didn’t see the knockout punch he landed on Dan Hardy, then you need to find that online relatively quickly as it’s brutal and unexpected. Only problem here is that GSP trains with Condit and probably knows his game as well as Condit knows his. It’s an interesting conundrum.

Beat Condit convincingly and we’ll talk…



  1. Fitch for wins, Shields for a chance to beat him.
    Fitch GSP will be boring as sin!!

    • I dunno if it would be boring. I remember listening to Eddie Bravo talk about Jon Fitch and how he’s a killer and if he just learnt some bad ass chokes he’d be a savage. Something tells me Fitch is work hardddd on those chokes right now.

      Thanks for the comment!

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