Weekly News Round-Up With JB

In the news this week,

I’m back! Yeah, turns out that 200 grammes of cocain are just as illegal in Tijuana as they are here. Also turns out their prisoners are slightly stronger, but enough about me getting bummed in prison let’s talk about a little headline I missed before making it back.

Maiquel Falcao, best known for doing very little against Gerald Harris during their battle earlier last month, was arrested after his fight on charges of assaulting a woman back in 2002. He was placed under house arrest but quickly decided to go “eh, fuck it” and left, surprising no one, least of all the Brazilian courts who made no attempt to stop him.
MMA’s Chris Brown is next scheduled to face off against Alessio Sakara who, for our sakes, I’m hoping will wear a wig as this seems to make Falcao slightly more agressive.

Joe Rogan has gotten on pretty much everyone’s nerves lately after his astonishingly honest rant mid broadcast in regards to the current state of judging in MMA. For your convenience I’ll post the video here so you can get a little refresher.

Asian brother can’t get no love indeed. Following this rant both Keith Kizer and Leonard Garcia have responded to Rogan’s criticism – Kizer because it’s his job and Garcia… well, because he doesn’t want to say he got whupped on live TV. Let’s be honest though, it’s no mystery who’s winning this war. Joe Rogan is a fan, first and foremost, and also knows quite a bit about the sport. He also has tons more fans than Kizer and probably also Garcia so you figure who the people will rally behind on this one either way.

Either way I’m with JoJo on this one.

Following last weekend’s Strikeforce event it seems medical suspensions have been handed out much like those shitty little fliers promoting dubious nightclubs resembling an evening in a small room filled with animalistic pedophiles and robotic pirahnas that sleazy bastards try to push on you outside the Worlds End. With a total of eight suspensions you’d think there’d been something pretty exciting going on, huh? Not that you’d know though cause you were too busy watching the Ultimate Finale like everyone else in the world, complaining about the decisions and how boring it all was. Well no sympathy from me cause the Strikeforce card had nothing to do with boring decisions instead opting for more of a variations on a theme schtick; in this case the theme was people getting knocked the fuck out.

Most impressively brutal KO of the night has to go to UFC pariah Paul Daley who displayed his trademark left hook by starching Scott Smith to the point where a carpenter could’ve been forgiven for mistaking him for a piece of wood and nailing him, face in, to the wall of an outhouse. Good ol’ fashioned nightmare fuel for you there.

The UFC quickly rebounded from their lackluster performance though and countered this weekend with UFC 124 and it did not disappoint. Granted, the card set the bar kind of low but a two meter jump over a 30 centimeter bar is still pretty impressive.

The event saw Mac Danzig adopting the paperboy-stance, made popular by Chuck Liddell, and throw a knockout punch from his bicycle. Who’d’ve thunk it? Well, Danzig said that he’d been working on how to get power in that hook… which makes me wonder if he’s been working on that running-backwards-hook for all of the, what, nine years he’s been in the sport? Not to question his judgement but I’d probably go for the forward hook, myself. In any case Danzig just got a shot in the arm as far as his career in the UFC goes and hopefully he can keep pulling wins out of his hat, because with the addition of the WEC lightweights competition just got way harder.

Jim Miller also pulled off a slick win by submitting hyper agressive grappler Charles Oliveira with a textbook kneebar. This tells us two things: One, that Miller needs to get some stiffer competition soon because he’s got great skills and Two, that Oliveira needs to calm down in the ring. Being agressive works well if you’re also aware of the openings you leave and considering his method of defending the kneebar I’m not sure he’d prepared for leglocks. He’s still just a kid though and hopefully this loss’ll teach him something.

Speaking of kids: WTF Stefan Struve?! How does this cheesestrings mascot of a man keep scoring these TKOs? In any case McCorkle will have to eat his trash talk, which probably doesn’t feel too good considering he got beaten up by a giant with the face of a 14 year old. Kudos to Struve who’s seriously stepping up his game and moving up the ladder!

The main event itself though was the ass whuppin to end all ass whuppins. For 25 minutes Georges St-Pierre showed such frightening dominance in completely dismanteling Josh Koscheck that I’m unsure if even Jake Shields will pose much of a threat at this point. GSP came out with tight striking and powerful leg kicks and still managed to win on the wrestling side as well, mainly by employing his now tried and true “The hell is he going for?!” strategy; punch them long enough so you can go for the takedown, then take them down long enough so you can punch them. No matter how much Koscheck trained for either of these scenarios there was no way that he could deal with both prospects at the same time and by the end of the fifth round there was no doubt. GSP is not only the #1 Welterweight fighter in the world but also possibly the best fighter pound for pound and I do not throw that out there lightly.

If GSP decides to move to Middleweight I’m all for it at this point. I mean, who’s left?


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