Fights We Want To See in 2011: Bantamweight

MMA UK look at the potential fights that we might see in 2011 for the Bantamweight division.

James Lutman Vs Cory Tait

UCMMA Bantamweight Champion, James Lutman had an absolute dog fight at UCMMA 17. Both fighters gave it their all, but Tait was controlled on the ground. The plus sign for Tait is that in the 3rd round, he could have finished Lutman, but due to time constraints and Lutman’s fantastic grappling skills, he was unable to get the job done.

No-one knows the current status of London Shootfighters, Giorgio Andrews as he’s injured his rib, so this may be the fight that’s next for both fighters and it would be a great rematch.

Miguel Torres Vs Urijah Faber

This is a dream match in my eyes. Miguel Torres is one of the greatest fighters to ever grace the cage and so is Urijah Faber. With both of them in the same division now, this could easily headline a card or co-main event.

Norifumi “Kid” Yamaoto Vs Demtrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson

This promises to be an absolute battle. If it goes to the ground, I’ll give Johnson the advantage, but as we all know, every fight starts on its feet and if that’s the case the Yamamoto has a significant advantage.  Unbelieveably, the card the UFC 126 just got bigger with these two Bantamweights fighting out for early supremacy in the UFC.

Urijah Faber Vs Dominic Cruz

There’s been a little bit of smack talk between these two, with a rivarly that has goes back a few years. Faber will have to either go through at least one more opponent before he faces Cruz, but if Cruz loses his fight against Scott Jorgensen, then this sets up another dream fight between two Bantamweight legends.

Joe Warren Vs Joe Soto

Yeah, I know, they’ve already fought this year, but the first round of that fight was so convincing that I wouldn’t mind seeing these two go at it one more time. Soto won’t be so cocky this time and will go for a finish, but will Warren have worked on his striking offense and defense enough to match his steller wrestling? It’s a fight full of questions, that fans such as myself want an answer to.


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