Fights We Want To See in 2011: Lightweights

Frankie Edgar Vs Gray Maynard

The next UFC Lightweight title fight, looks to be an interesting affair between these two savages. Edgar wants revenge for the only loss on his record, but Maynard wants revenge as he feels that Edgar has a title that belongs to him. It’s pretty captivating stuff, and whoever wins on January 1st, it will certainly be a war.


Cole Miller Vs Donald Cerrone

If you don’t know this already, there’s a bit of bad blood between these two fighters. Cerrone came out recently and said that he disliked Miller’s attitude after Miller beat Garcia back at UFC Fight Night 11. We all know that if Cerrone is fighting someone he doesn’t particulary like, we’re going to get a pretty awesome brawl. Miller is maturing into a fantastic fighter, with good stand-up and great jiu-jitsu. This would be an interesting fight to see if Cerrone can be a player in the UFC lightweight division.

Shinya Aoki Vs Gilbert Melendez

Shinya Aoki got absolutely handled in their first meeting, but if they were set to fight in a ring instead of a cage, it may be in Aoki’s advantage. Aoki would be dangerous for any opponent you put against him, but Melendez has a significant strength advantage. Plus, Melendez isn’t a slouch on the grund as he’s coached by Cesar Gracie. This is certainly an interesting match up for those that are interested.

Gray Maynard Vs Anthony Pettis

“Styles make fights” – never truer words were spoken when it comes to this potential match-up. Whatever happens, I see these two fighting at some point in their careers. Maynard is probably the best wrestler in the division and will takedown any fighter that you put in front of him. Whilst Pettis, loves to throw amazing kicks and flashy submissions. Whatever happens, we both know that these two lightweight fighters would have an absolute war with each other and it could possibly be fight of the night.

Takanori Gomi Vs Clay Guida

This has non-stop brawl written all over it. Neither fighter really gasses and both are looking to finish from wherever they are on the cage. The good news is that we only have to wait a couple more weeks for this fight to happen.

George Sotiropolous Vs Ben Henderson

I’m going to put this one out there and say that this could be a pretty interesting match-up indeed. Sotiropolous is a shoe-in for a No1 contendership and Henderson is one of the best lightweights in the world. It would be interesting to see where both fighters are at in their current careers and this would be a great way to find out, whether they are truly in the top tier of competition.

Joe Lauzon Vs Shane Roller

If Lauzon can have another performance like he did against Gabe Ruediger, he’ll be considered one of the most dangerous men in the UFC, but he looked lacklustre against Sotiropolous and will look to come back in a big way. Shane Roller vs Joe Lauzon would be a great fight, simply because they are both entertaining fighters, but underated in my eyes.

Jim Miller Vs Evan Dunham

Both on the rise in the UFC, this would cement them a place in the top tier of the robust lightweight divison. Neither fighter backs away, so expect a finish from either man.

Kenny Florian Vs Sean Sherk

Florian stated that after his fight with Gray Maynard, that he needed to work on his wrestling a lot more. If that’s the case, then give Florian one of the men that has beaten him, Sean Sherk. Florian will want to test himself against a quality wrestler and he’ll get that with Sherk.

Eddie Alvarez Vs Gilbert Melendez

There’s been a lot of talk regarding this fight and whether or not it will happen is a different story, but it’s certainly something that MMA fans want to see. Melendez has made it clear that he wants to fight Alvarez and Alvarez wants the same thing. At this point, it’s all about logistics between Strikeforce and Bellator, but what a fight that would be.


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