Twitter Reactions to “That Anthony Pettis Kick”

The twitter response to the “Anthony Pettis Kick” has been absolutely amazing. These are some of my favourite tweets regarding the kick!


@SugaRashadEvans: I jumped out of my chair scratching my eyes like did that really just happen!! Them young bucks r crazy!


thelilbeastmma chuck giles
@Showtimepettis kick = sonic boom! #wec53

@jonnybones: Anthony bettis Is unbelievable! That flying kick made me feel as if Ive been blind

amberMMA Amber J.
@Showtimepettis #thatkick might’ve just gotten every fight girl fan pregnant. be careful
Jay_Glazer Jay Glazer
Dudes! Was watchin WEC and had to leave, I heard Pettis’ kick was sicker than sick!!!
tedgruber Ted Gruber

by amberMMA
That was like a fatality move from Mortal Kombat that Pettis did.
ThatJennGrl Jenn
I’m sad that Ben lost but holy shit was that the sickest kick I have ever seen! Pettis deserves the belt!
lorettahuntmma Loretta Hunt
Sorry. I should have followed up by saying I thought it was a kick-a– move
MMABeatdown MMA Beatdown
I do believe Showtime Pettis just used Vega from Street Fighter’s finishing move to kick Henderson in his biscuit.
kkelchner621 Kaleb Kelchner
Holy crap, that springboard head kick was pure insanity. That would have been a KO at 155 save for Guida, Penn, and Ben Henderson.
Benaskren Ben Askren
Congrats to @showtimepettis fight was effin awesome
kennyflorian Kenny Florian
Pettis’ kick was insane & prob won him the fight. Ben is a class act & will be back stronger. Big congrats to Pettis. True warriors!
xxFranchizexx Dylan Horner
That is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in MMA

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