Interview with Statecyde from the CFM regarding the “Get Phil On TV” Twitter campaign

If you haven’t heard about the “Get Phil On TV” twitter campaign, then you’ve obviously been living under a rock for awhile. The campaign was started by our friends the CFM has created a whirlwind twitter campaign to get the NYBA, Phil Baroni on TV for the UFC 125 card.


We spoke to Statecyde from the CFM to discuss the twitter campaign, their affiliation with Baroni and the release of “The Album”…



Nice speaking to you again Tony, congratulations on the album being such a success. There was a lot of buzz around it via twitter, forums, word of mouth etc. How happy are you with the end product?

Thank you. We are all very happy with the finished product. After we initially released “The Album” we got contacted by some very well-known people in the industry that loved the skits/cameos and wanted to contribute. So we’ve got some more great material in store as well when we release the higher quality MP3download for the official iTunes version.


Yourself and the rest of the coalition have long history with the New York Bad Ass, Phil Baroni. When was the first time you saw him fight and what drew you and the guys too him specifically as a fighter?

I kid you not; the first UFC fight I saw on American network TV was Phil Baroni vs Dave Menne. It was part of a UFC’s Best KO’s special on SpikeTV. It was easily one of the most impressive wins I had ever seen and left a huge mark on me. Soon after that I started getting into PrideFC and saw that Phil was very successful in Japan as well. The guy had the best walkouts in the biz bar none. So when we came up with the idea of cutting walkout tunes for fighters, getting behind the NYBA was a no-brainer.

I never really had Phil down as a hip hop fan, but he seems to be enjoying it when you guys are freestlying in front of him. What’s it like to have such a legend of the sport really appreciate and enjoy your music?

It’s massive. After we shot the video we were all in the studio going “Man… that’s none other than UFC/Pride Legend Phil Baroni bobbing his head to our stuff!!! “It was pretty much like getting a thumbs up from the Pope lol.

Recently, you and the crew have been involved in a Twitter campaign to have Phil Baroni be on the live broadcast of UFC 125. How did the idea of trying to get Phil on the PPV come about?

Well we had hooked up with Phil at AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) first about him getting on “The Album”. After we got his soundbite we went out for sushi and I told him I had a really strong feeling someone (on the main card) was going to get injured/pull out. I mentioned that we could launch an all-out media campaign (Get Phil on TV) to get his fight with Brad Tavares televised if that was the case. Phil was already aware of the success we had generated with our WWYD skits on MMA Scraps Radio, MMA BeatDown Radio and the UG so he was very open minded about it. I told him all we would need is to shoot a little more video with him and have him help promote it via his twitter account @PhilBaroni.

Did you only promote it over twitter, or did you do it over Facebook or any other sort social media as well? It seemed to be a pretty big deal in the MMA world.

We did a little bit of promoting on Facebook and the UG but ultimately we really wanted to catch Dana’s eye with our efforts. Having him notice us was crucial to our campaigns success. Twitter was our primary route because you can connect directly with people instantly and that’s where Dana hangs out the most.

Only a few days ago, Dana let every know that Phil would be a part of the live broadcast on the prelims. How did it feel to know that something you did made a difference on such a huge scale? Not many people can say they’d done that before?

It was extremely rewarding, a dream come true. I called the boys as soon as news hit the wire and we were all going bananas w excitement. As it turned out, the reason Phil’s fight wasn’t going to be televised was the UFC and SpikeTV were in the process of re-negotiating contracts. Dana White actually flexed his muscle and found another network to air Phil’s fight due to the overwhelming support we were able to cultivate on Twitter. Dana truly cares about his fans.

Will Phil be coming out to one of the songs from the album and if so, which song and why?

Although Phil’s fight will be televised, it happens to be on the prelim card so guys don’t get walkout songs or entrances due to time constraints. However that will all change after Phil’s victory on New Year’s Day at UFC 125. Rest assured the next time the NYBA fights for UFC it will be on the main card, and he’ll be walking out to CFM.

Anyone you’d like thank for help with the twitter campaign?

Yes certainly! First of all CFM wants to thank all the hardcore MMA fans on twitter, @PhilBaroni for taken a chance with us. Travis @MMAScrapsRadio for all his support. Mike @MMABeatDown Radio in New York for heavily promoting the campaign, Zara @HaloPR for getting the whole UKMMA scene behind us. @MMAUKBLOG and @WrestlingThumb for the headlines/press support. And last but not least @UFC and @DanaWhite for hearing all the fans out and co-signing on the whole thing/making it official.



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