Year End Review with JB: July- September

In The News This Year,

This entry will be shorter than usual due to me already having covered most of the news these months in my previous Round Ups. Feel free to check those out if you want more in depth info.

God I hate July. For what it’s worth at least it started off with the biggest fight of the year on the face of this earth, at least size wise. Oh and for those of you who got that reference there: glad you’re with me.

UFC 116 featured the battle of giants that was Brock Lesnar versus Shane Carwin and we all had to realize that Lesnar might not be invincible but he can sure be scary when he works jiu jitsu. Sure, Carwin isn’t really the bee’s knees when it comes to the jits but if you called Brock winning by submission you’re probably his mother or a member of his team. After a first round with nothing but Carwin smashing Lesnar’s face in, losing all of his cardio in the process, Lesnar comes back in the second with a pretty slick arm triangle. Who’d’ve thunk it? I still want to see a Lesnar triangle from the guard though before I’m really impressed.

Anderson Silva got his chance to redeem himself for consecutive terrible performances when he went up against Chael Sonnen at UFC 117 in August. Unfortunately he was struck down with bruised ribs and proceeded to get utterly pwned by Sonnen for the better part of four rounds before sinking in the triangle he’d been looking for all fight. What this tells me is that Sonnen seriously needs to get some sharper black belts around Team Quest. He may have to get a man between his legs at some point but I think even he’ll admit that it’s a price worth paying for that title.

After the fight Sonnen’s dreams of an immediate rematch were put on hold by him testing positive for steroids, thus losing any fans he might have gained in handing Silva his ass in a high hat during their fight. No real comments were made at this time so all that could be done was wait, and so will we until the exciting Roidscapades conclude…

UFC 118 was a historic night for three reasons.

#1: It was the promotion’s first event around the Havahd yahd.
#2: Reality finally set in for a world of stubborn boxing fans.
#3: Frankie Edgar did the impossible.

Considering that I’ve already covered this event in a previous round up I advise that you check that out for more info. In shoht, Bahston was great with great fans and an awesome cahd to make the event memorable. Especially around Havahd. In the yahd.

If I’d told you earlier this year that Rousimar Palhares, the Brazilian leglock machine, would exit 2010 wanking a leg in search for lubricant you would probably think me insane. That may or may not be true but Palhares did indeed wank a leg after his encounter with Nate Marquardt at Ultimate Fight Night 22 on September 16th.

The fight started off good with Palhares shooting for crazy leg locks but Marquardt slipped out and proceeded to beat the crap out of Palhares, who was trying to talk to the ref the entire time. The fight was called a TKO and immediately after this Palhares grabbed Marquardt’s leg and wanked it, proving to everyone there that he was indeed slippery… also this was a bit awkward. Marquardt explained that they’d deliberately built up more of a sweat than usual in the warm ups to counter Palhares’ crazy submission skills. Personally I think he was just blowing soap bubbles backstage and things got out of hand.

Strikeforce, in a ballsy move, signed both Josh Barnett and Paul Daley this year, cementing their status as the dumpster divers of MMA. Daley was a good call, being a young guy who can definitively outgrow his tragic move earlier this year but Barnett is another story. The guy’s been busted three times and his defence once was that he couldn’t’ve done it because he’s not ripped! The man also managed to sink an entire upstart promotion all on his own.

In other words Coker: mind yourself. Just a heads up, that’s all.

And finally we had UFC 119 which could’ve been the most disappointing show of this fall. Sean Sherk somehow decisioned Evan Dunham despite being on the recieving end through most of the fight and getting caught in some fierce chokes. This needs to be adressed though before we go any further: Sean Sherk is a stud. I’m not even kidding, this guy got so close to being finished so many times and each time he powered through by sheer will alone! While I don’t agree with the decision I do agree with anyone who says that Sherk is one bad, bad man.

The lynchpin of this event was originally supposed to be the rematch of Frank Mir and Big Nog, however due to Big Nog deciding not to play Superman for once and let his body heal before stepping inside the ring we instead got his replacement Crocop. Did anyone think this fight would be any good? I distinctly remember sitting on my lunchbreak and reading about this, thinking “Dear god, was there really NO ONE ELSE?”
Trust me when I say I have tons of respect for Mirko Crocop but I could never see him beating Frank Mir at his age. I expected Mir to come out looking for a quick takedown and either ground and pound or submit Crocop in the first, maybe second round. Instead we got what was easily the most boring fight in mainstream MMA all year. We were near Strictly Come Dancing territory here with the soundtrack being a drunken men’s choir rendition of Beat It with all the words replaced with “BOO!”
In the end, of the third round I might add, Mir finally connected with a knee and put Crocop out, prompting insane cheers from a disillusioned audience, who were probably too busy cheering for the fact that a strike had been thrown let alone knocked anyone out. Hopefully we will NEVER see a fight like this in either man’s career again.


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