What We Learn’t From UFC 125

Clay Guida is endorsing Willow Smith’s song “Whip My Hair”

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one wondering why Clay Guida’s head movement was so strange, but as “drunken monkey” esque as it was, it sure worked as he took  Takanori Gomi off of his game-plan. Fantastic guilliotine choke, but what was even cooler was the moment that Clay and his brother Jason had before the fight. Those were some hard slaps…


Trash Talking…Korean Style!

This fight was awesome. Good grappling, awkward, yet effective striking. Personally though, the best part about the entire fight was the Dong Hyun Kim trash talking Nate Diaz in Korean.


Brandon…the truth is, your name will never be the same again.

Drums on the back…broken nose…and a decisive win = Thiago Silva

I’m not sure what Vera was thinking, with the celebrations after he tripped Silva to the ground. He should have attacked instead of show boated. Just a thought…


Live by the sword, Die by the sword

Much respect to Chris Leben, he tells you what he’s going to do and he sure as hell does it. However, Brian Stann also said he was going to do something and was much more successful. Stann knocked out one of the toughest men in MMA and in a convincing fashion.


Leben refused to give up though and that’s why we love him…


UFC 125: Resolution has “no resolution” at all


Whether you gave the fight to Maynard, or you gave the fight to Edgar or hell, you called it as a draw, this is now a battle that is completely unresolved. I think everyone wants to and needs to see these two warriors go at it one more time and have something decisive happen between these two.


As this goes to press, Dana has decided that they’ll go at it one more time, before Pettis gets his shot. However,  you have to feel bad for Pettis, who practically had a UFC title shot in his hands and lost it in seconds.


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