What If…MMA Fighters Were Rappers?

We’ve all got MMA fighters that we love, but imagine if they were rappers. Let’s be honest, they’re all pretty similar. They all work hard at their craft, one bad or great moment can make or break their career and they’ve got personalities that we love. MMA UK takes wonders who our favourite MMA fighters would be if they were “dope mc’s”


Chris Leben is….DMX?

What can these two possibly have in common? Well, they’re both crazy as hell and neither of them are afraid to speak their mind. Both have had some run-in’s with the law, but I think it’s more likely that Leben is more likely to keep the promise of staying out of prison…we hope…



Rory Macdonald is…Drake?

Young, talented and Canadian! However, I’m only the envious of the one who has Nicki Minaj’s number. No offence, Rory…


Gray Maynard is…Young Jeezy?

Let’s  be honest, the snowman has some serious hood credentials (if you can’t figure out how, then look at his nickname…the snowman…get it…*wink wink*) and has released some anthems made for the street. So now I’m assuming you’re wondering how Gray Maynard was given his ghetto card. It weren’t the same as the Jeezy’s, so don’t go running to the police, but if you watched UFC 125 and saw the post fight interview – then you’ll understand how gangsta the man is. All I have to say is…


“Aye….happy $#@&%£$ new year”…enough said really!


Nick Diaz is…Dr Dre?

“I don’t think weed gets in the way of my MMA. I think MMA is getting in the way of my weed smoking

Dre would be proud, sir!



Randy Couture isJay-Z?

The big daddy of them all, Randy certainly earns that Jigga money (Well, he’s not, but WHO IS earning that Jigga money, besides from Jay-Z himself?). Neither of them are the spring chickens of their respective games, but any young upstart who wants to try and test either of them for their skills, will no doubt receive a pimp hand that could crush your jaw!


Frankie Edgar is… Notourious B.I.G?

How do I link these two? Pure irony of course! Lets be honest, the champ of the LIGHTWEIGHT division walking out to a song, by arguably one of the HEAVIEST rappers of all time, is comedy gold in my eyes.



If you have any suggestions, feel free to tweet me @mmaukblog!!




  1. Dan Hardy = Lil Wayne
    Matt Riddle = Waka Flocka
    Josh Koscheck = 50 Cent
    Eminem = GSP

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