Yushin Okami: Blind Faith

Does anyone remember Yushin Okami? It almost seems as if everyone has forgotten that he’s the No1 contender for the UFC Middleweight title, including his boss, UFC President Dana White and matchmaker, Joel Silva.  Okami recently beat Nate Marquardt to get his shot at the winner of the Anderson Silva- Vitor Belfort title match, coming up in 2 weeks.


However, it seems that the talk of Okami getting the next shot at the champion has suddenly gone quiet, especially with the chance of a GSP vs Anderson Silva super fight now becoming more likely. If Belfort wins, then we’ll have a Vitor Belfort Vs Yushin Okami title fight for sure, but if Belfort loses and White goes ahead with the GSP-Silva fight, will Okami be willing to wait for his shot. Ask Anthony Pettis if Dana isn’t prone to changing his mind on things.


You have to feel sorry for him, as he’s beaten some of the best in his division, including Nate Marquardt, Alan Belcher and Mark Munoz. However, his style isn’t incredibly flashy and the last time Okami finished opponent was early last year. As a business move, it doesn’t make sense for White to give Okami the title shot yet. The potential PPV buy-rate of a GSP-Silva headlined card is astronomical, whereas Okami doesn’t promise PPV buys or get people excited enough for them to buy a ticket.


Trying to second guess Dana is nearly impossible, but one could argue that Dana is biding his time and waiting to put Okami in a main event in his home country of Japan. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll have Japanese fighters on the card and what better introduction to the Japanese audiences than having one of the best Japanese fighters in MMA fighting for a title.


It’s just an idea…


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