The General Consensus: Diaz Vs Cyborg

These are the thoughts of you twitter folk!!! Tweet me and tell me what you think!!!


lol..look, Diaz will punch him so hard in the chest Cyborg’s shoulders will touch…trus’


Tam Khan

DIAZ all day


Lex McMahon

Diaz – he is 2 well rounded. Cyborg promises violence & will fight hard


Toby Smith

have to pick diaz man. cyborg is a banger, but diaz has beaten better. his jitz and boxing is too good. bring on diaz vs semtex!!



Hey buddy! Give me Diaz by TKO; I think he’ll batter Cyborg’s face over and over again.


Princess Mayhem

I’m going for Cyborg!


Eean Levin

Diaz will win


Amber J

I’m gonna go Diaz, WAR!


Jonny Gaynon

um, diaz is unbeatable in strikeforce imho. should be a great stand-up scrap though!

Ryan Couture

Diaz should take this one.


Brittany Decker

I’m gunnin for Diaz



Diaz vs Cyborg… I got Nick Diaz by TKO in the 2nd round

Jay Dann

Diaz via TKO




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