Paul Daley Sounds Off On Nick Diaz, Tyron Woodley on The MMA Hour

Source: MMAFighting



Paul Daley has never been one to hold his tongue and proved that today, as he truly went off on a selection of subjects in true Daley style.


Daley, who fights on February 28th at the M.E.N arena for UK organization BAMMA, was a guest on The MMA Hour  with Ariel Helwani and he spoke at length about current Strikefoce Welterweight Champion and potential future opponent, Nick Diaz. When discussing Diaz’s ability to takedown his opponents, Daley was not impressed with his skills.

“”Most of his takedowns come from the clinch or he’s dropping guys with bodyshots, but that ain’t gonna happen with me. Yeah he’s fast but he’s not explosive like me when it comes to MMA. He’s got great conditioning, yeah, but what happens when I’m moving three or four times as fast as anybody he’s fought in the past? How’s he going to deal with that?” said Daley.


Daley also had some harsh words, for unbeaten Strikeforce prospect, Tyron Woodley who is 9-0 in his career and is another fighter on course for a shot at Diaz’s title.


“Even though he’s 9-0, what’s this guy got to offer me?” said Daley.

“He ain’t Josh Koscheck. He ain’t Jake Shields. He’s not on that level and he’s never fought anybody of my level, either. I think it’s crazy they would’ve put that fight together because I would’ve messed him up really bad.”



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