UCMMA 18 Predictions

 Dean Amasinger vs John Maguire (Welterweight Title)

Amasinger’s last fight against Jamaine Facey was an interesting affair. Most fighters are coy about how they intend to win a fight, however Amasinger made it very clear from the press conference that he intended to use his wrestling to win this fight. Considering the fact that Amasinger’s wrestling was so good that night, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he decided to use it again and really attempt to punish Maguire.

Maguire is no joke though and with an impressive record of 13-3, he’s a very dangerous opponent. With seven wins via submission, four of  those via rear naked choke, Maguire is certainly no slouch on the ground. However, I think that Amasinger is too strong of an opponent for Maguire and that mixed in with his wrestling could essentially be the downfall with Maguire’s title reign. I’ve got Amasinger down for the win.


Tim Radcliffe vs Michael Pastou (Lightweight Title Fight)

Two really explosive lightweight fighters set to battle it out for the UCMMA lightweight title, both of them with a decent amount of experience heading into the title bout. Radcliffe is a submission specialist who has finished five out of his nine opponents via submission. He’s able to finish opponents from his back or from top position, so if it hits the floor, he’s certainly dangerous. He’s no slouch on the feet either, winning his first professional fight via KO, so Pastou will have to watch out for Radcliffe’s strikes.

This won’t be an easy fight for Radcliffe though as he’s fighting Michael Pastou, a man on a seven fight win streak. Although Pastou hasn’t finished many of his opponents and has three decisions from his last seven fights. Although the stats say that he’s not likely to finish his opponent, it also shows that Pastou is hard to finish and knows how to win fights. Although Pastou is a tough competitior, I feel that if Radcliffe gets the fight to the ground, then he’ll be able to win.


 Rolandas Cizauskas vs Linton Vassell (Light Heavyweight)

Linton Vassell is back in the UCMMA with a new opponent called Rolandas Cizauskas. Sadly, I wanted to see a re-match between Vassell and Adie Preda, the last man he fought in the organisation as that fight ended in a no contest.  However, Vassell has his hands full Cizauskas who has had three fights, none of which have gone past the first round. Vassell has the experience factor and will probably look to take the fight to the ground, where he can utilize his submission game. Rolandas on the other hand, might look to keep the fight standing and utilize his kicks. For this one, I’m going to go with experience and pick Vassell.



 Denniston Sutherland vs Jack Mason (Middleweight Fight)

This is a middleweight bout beetween two very well rounded British fighters. In Denniston Sutherland, you have a fighter who has finished eleven of his thireen wins, via submission, knockout and decision. Denniston is a well-rounded fighter, who can finish his opponents anywhere. However, so is Jack Mason, who has an identical record to Sutherland at 13-6. It’s going to be interesting to see which of these two is the better man, considering they’re both so similiar. However, I’m going to have to go with Jack Mason. Mason is currently on a three- fight win streak, whilst Sutherland is the complete opposite and is on a two-fight loss streak. Mason clearly has the momentumn to win the fight


Other Fights On The Card

Symeon Kyurchiev vs Luke Sines (Welterweight UK1 Title Fight)
· Wayne Brown vs Khalid Ismail (Welterweight)
· Joseph Latour vs Bolo Omoyele (Welterweight)
· Chaz Scott vs Luke Newman (Welterweight)
· Simon Carrington vs Dominic Plumb (Lightweight)
· Anthony Liles vs Mark Carling (Featherweight)
· Spe Asadali vs Luiz Tosta (Featherweight)
· Peter Waterhouse vs Huseyain Garabet (Lightweight)


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