What We Learn’t From UFC 126


Eastern Fail…

The influx of Japanese fighters in the UFC seems to have been an absolute fail. Omigawa and Yamamoto both fought on the card and both failed to defeat their opponents. Wrestling seemed to be the kryptonite of both fighters and if they’re going to be a success in their US careers, they’re going to have to sure up their takedown defence, so they can implement their own game plans.


Have your cake and eat it…

Gabe Ruediger doesn’t seem to be UFC quality and it’s been shown in both of his fights in the UFC. How many fighters have you seen get a beatdown so hard that it makes you feel sorry for them? You could see it in Ruediger’s eyes, when he was on the cage and Taylor was letting his hands fly that he simply could not handle what was being dished out to him.


Ring Rust? What Ring Rust?

Forrest Griffin looked pretty good for a fighter who had been out for over a year with injury. He admitted that he felt a lot of ring rust going into the fight, but he controlled Rich Franklin considerably, and it’s not exactly Franklin’s fault, because the size difference was so much, it was slightly ridiculous. Once Griffin was able to get him to the floor, we knew it would be hard for him to get back up simply because Griffin is such a gigantic man. Whose next for Griffin? I’d like to say the winner of the Matt Hamill vs Phil Davis fight, as he’s been out for so long that he needs to fight the young lions of the LHW division.


One man’s pain is another man’s pleasure…

As I’m not a fighter, I can’t imagine how it must feel to lose. However, last night I think Ryan Bader had the most character building loss of any fighter in MMA history. He lost arguably the biggest fight of his career against Jon Jones, he lost his unbeaten record and what he didn’t know is that he lost the chance to go and fight for the UFC LHW title in March. Much respect to Jon Jones though, who had another dominating performance, but Ryan Bader has to bounce back from this loss otherwise it could potentially consume him.


Anderson Silva: Best fighter ever?

You can say what you want about Anderson Silva, you can boo him, cheer him, at the end of the day, it doesn’t particularly matter how we feel about Silva, because the facts speak the truth, the man is the best fighter alive. Vitor Belfort is a tough man, has a fantastic chin and probably had the best tools to defeat Silva…he got knocked out, with arguably the knockout of the year…and we’re only in February. I’m looking forward to the possiblity of GSP Vs Silva fight, because I’d have no idea who wins it.


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