Diary Of… Daniel Gracie (February 6, 2011)

Checking the calendar is not something I do often.  For me each day is just that.  A day in my life.  24 hours with which to explore my possibilities and push the boundaries of my training.  I know that my first fight in the Bellator Light Heavyweight tournament is about seven weeks out.  I know that I must be prepared to go the distance of three fights in a relatively fast succession.  I know that I will do this.


My mindset is focused.  Spending four years away from fighting was a tough choice for me.  I spent those years keeping one foot in my training and the other firmly planted on the tatame teaching BJJ at my cousin Renzo’s academy in New York City.  The day when my manager contacted me about the fight in the IFC, was the day that I placed both feet back into training.  I knew it was the right time.  That comeback win for me was The Return of Ikemen.


This nickname was given to me at my first MMA fight in Japan for PRIDE back in 2001.  70,000 fans in a packed arena with all eyes on the Gracie newcomer.  It was go time.  I fight for my family.  The Gracie family pioneered MMA and I will carry on the tradition.  Now, back to today.  MMA fighting is not what it was, even just a few years ago.  Then, a couple disciplines dominated the fights and opponents were often caught off guard by the others expertise.  This is no longer the case.  Today’s MMA fighter must have a BJJ foundation and must also be extremely well versed in several other disciplines.  This can of course lead to a lack of focus if spread too thin.  This is the paradox for todays MMA fighter.  How to balance.  My training has seen me traveling to Boston to train with Mark Della Grotte at Sityodtong, to the South Bronx to train with Kwame Asante at John’s Boxing Gym, to Renzo Gracie Academy in New York City to train with our team, to New Hampshire to train with Tim Barchard of Pro Martial Arts Academy and this is often done in one week.  Left unchecked, the demands of training placed on an MMA fighter would burn him out weeks before his fight.


This is where you dig deep.  This is when you ask yourself how badly you really want it.  This is why I fight.  A lot of people want to know my schedule, my diet, my regimen.  That may be where I differ from others.  I listen to my body and give it what it needs.  Extra time at the gym, or that slice of pizza or that day off to spend with my family.  It is this that keeps me balanced and focused.


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