The Last Of The Last Emperor?


By Kris Mentor

In the middle of January, MMA fighting posted an article based upon a Fedor speech where he stated ‘He never believed he was the best fighter in the world.’ I fully respect Fedor for saying this. I also respect him for what he has done for the sport for the hardcore fans who know him from the Pride days.

There were numerous comments by fans on this article, kissing his ass saying “he is still the best P4P in the world” “He just got caught by Werdum” “he will show us all when he wins the heavyweight tournament” etc.

These were all opinions of “fans” and I’m all down for that. However, I’m not down for fans who then disrespect other people’s opinions. Just because about three out of the 50 people who posted on that article didn’t hang off Fedor’s nuts, doesn’t mean they weren’t true MMA fans. If anything it just shows their intelligent.

He is no longer in the top ten pound for pound in the world. He is definitely not in the top 5 heavyweights in the world. He’s not in my top 10 heavyweights in the world.

I fully appreciate the legend that is and always will be the last emperor. But he didn’t evolve with the sport. By that I mean, he definitely should have moved to light heavyweight. The average mixed martial artist is a lot more athletic than they were 5 years ago. Fedor can no longer compete with the heavyweights. If he didn’t have such weak management,  who were giving him the easy fights and giving him the fighters on the tail end of the career for the last 5 years then he could’ve lost and then learnt from his mistakes at a better age.

If anyone has access to it, please watch the fight of Fedor vs Tim Sylvia. He destroyed Tim Sylvia, ‘you can only beat what’s put in front of you’ and he did that perfectly. However, the commentators help build him up for the never ending fall that he is now enduring. Saying this definitely solidifies him as the best fighter ever. . .Really?

 He beat Tim Sylvia who was cut from the UFC for losing too much, the same Tim Sylvia who got knocked out quicker by a guy who had never even fought MMA and knocked out by a guy who didn’t make it past the first round of the Ultimate Fighter.

You can say what you like about Dana White but he speaks the way he does because he truly believes he has the best fighters in his organization. So when he says Fedor hasn’t fought anyone relevant since 2006, it’s hard not to believe him. Fedor fought a bunch of UFC drop outs and Japanese fighters. Japan did a lot for the sports growth, but they currently have no place among the elite. This is shown by the amount of the Japanese fighters coming over to the US and seriously struggling (Kid Yamamoto, Omigawa, Gomi, Aoki etc).

I’m not just jumping on the (Fedor is sh*t) train because he has just lost 2 straight. I firmly believed this before he got caught by Werdum (even though I still believe he will beat Werdum if they fight again). I even made a nice little profit thanks to my man big foot.

I think he should retire. He doesn’t know the level he is at the moment. I’m not sure I want know how far down the ladder the emperor has fallen.


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  1. Watching the lead up to the tournament it’s easy to draw paralells between Fedor’s and BJ’s training camps with one major difference: BJ, while still hanging around his gym in Hawaii, pulls in talent to his camp. Fedor hasn’t really ever reached outside of Russia to my knowledge. When you’re top dog at your gym you need to change because you won’t learn shit and if you don’t you’ll be running in place while the rest of the world laps you over and over.

    Fedor has always been that “one man against the world” type guy and this just goes to show that that attidude doesn’t work anymore. Martial arts is a team sport where we compete as individuals and for all his legendary accomplishments Fedor will ultimately also stand as an example of how MMA has evolved as a team sport.

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