Diary Of…Miesha Tate – February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

 I thought Strikeforce kicked off the Heavy Weight Grand Prix with a bang, I was sad to see Fedor take another loss like that, it always chips at my heart to see former stars on their way out….. Makes me appreciate there here and now as Im set to challenge Marloes Coenen for the Strikeforce Bantam weight Title March 5th!!


The Last Of The Last Emperor?


By Kris Mentor

In the middle of January, MMA fighting posted an article based upon a Fedor speech where he stated ‘He never believed he was the best fighter in the world.’ I fully respect Fedor for saying this. I also respect him for what he has done for the sport for the hardcore fans who know him from the Pride days.

There were numerous comments by fans on this article, kissing his ass saying “he is still the best P4P in the world” “He just got caught by Werdum” “he will show us all when he wins the heavyweight tournament” etc.

These were all opinions of “fans” and I’m all down for that. However, I’m not down for fans who then disrespect other people’s opinions. Just because about three out of the 50 people who posted on that article didn’t hang off Fedor’s nuts, doesn’t mean they weren’t true MMA fans. If anything it just shows their intelligent.

He is no longer in the top ten pound for pound in the world. He is definitely not in the top 5 heavyweights in the world. He’s not in my top 10 heavyweights in the world.

I fully appreciate the legend that is and always will be the last emperor. But he didn’t evolve with the sport. By that I mean, he definitely should have moved to light heavyweight. The average mixed martial artist is a lot more athletic than they were 5 years ago. Fedor can no longer compete with the heavyweights. If he didn’t have such weak management,  who were giving him the easy fights and giving him the fighters on the tail end of the career for the last 5 years then he could’ve lost and then learnt from his mistakes at a better age.

If anyone has access to it, please watch the fight of Fedor vs Tim Sylvia. He destroyed Tim Sylvia, ‘you can only beat what’s put in front of you’ and he did that perfectly. However, the commentators help build him up for the never ending fall that he is now enduring. Saying this definitely solidifies him as the best fighter ever. . .Really?

 He beat Tim Sylvia who was cut from the UFC for losing too much, the same Tim Sylvia who got knocked out quicker by a guy who had never even fought MMA and knocked out by a guy who didn’t make it past the first round of the Ultimate Fighter.

You can say what you like about Dana White but he speaks the way he does because he truly believes he has the best fighters in his organization. So when he says Fedor hasn’t fought anyone relevant since 2006, it’s hard not to believe him. Fedor fought a bunch of UFC drop outs and Japanese fighters. Japan did a lot for the sports growth, but they currently have no place among the elite. This is shown by the amount of the Japanese fighters coming over to the US and seriously struggling (Kid Yamamoto, Omigawa, Gomi, Aoki etc).

I’m not just jumping on the (Fedor is sh*t) train because he has just lost 2 straight. I firmly believed this before he got caught by Werdum (even though I still believe he will beat Werdum if they fight again). I even made a nice little profit thanks to my man big foot.

I think he should retire. He doesn’t know the level he is at the moment. I’m not sure I want know how far down the ladder the emperor has fallen.

Diary Of…Daniel Gracie – February 13, 2011


The past few weeks have seen three submission victories for Team Renzo Gracie fighters – Roger Gracie, Igor Gracie and John Cholish.  Each fighter did what they do best.  They each won by going to their foundation to give them the strength to finish the fight.  Watching these fights further reinforced my choice to stay true to my roots.  It is Gracie Jiu-Jitsu that has made me the person I am today. 

Learning BJJ from my family in Rio de Janeiro during the eighties and nineties was my upbringing.  Gracie Barra.  Two words that speak volumes.  It is the home of champions.  Back then, it was a simple tatame on the top floor of a local gym.  With a corrugated metal roof, the academy became a sauna.  This was no place for those who did not wish to become champions.  You gave it your all and left your ego at the door.  Our team was born in this academy and we carry on the tradition today.  Team Renzo Gracie is the 21st Century re-incarnation of the friendship, brotherhood and unity that made us all champions.  These are days that I will always remember and look forward to as well. 

 There are positions, moves, submissions and chokes in BJJ that are classics.  These are the go to moves for us.  Roger Gracie and Igor Gracie both used classic moves with their respective classic approaches to submit their opponents.  John Cholish took a page from the history books when he submitted his opponent by kneebar.  It was beautiful to see him pull this move in the same way that Oleg Taktarov used to submit many opponents in the early days of MMA and the UFC.  Fast forward to today.  I am training for the Light Heavyweight Tournament in Bellator.  Tournament.  This is a word that I do not take lightly.  This is my opportunity to compete against seven other men all vying for the same belt.  This is not an opportunity to win a championship that is simply offered to you. 

This is one that will be won the hard way.  With hard work.  This past week personified hard work.  Traveling as usual between Connecticut, NYC, the Bronx and New Hampshire, I spent each day giving it my all.  Training on Monday in John Danaher’s class at Renzo Gracie Academy saw a packed mat with UFC and Strikeforce fighters.  This is my time to train with some of todays best MMA fighters.  In the middle of the week, when the Bellator crew arranged to film me for the fight promo, the scheduled day fell on my day to train at John’s Boxing Gym.  After four hours of non stop sparring, padwork, BJJ, working out all the while being filmed and making commentary, they got the images they wanted.  I was honored to share my story with Bellator and it was another realization for me that this tournament is one week closer. 

 The end of the week saw another trip to New Hampshire.  Tough MMA training twice per day with other Bellator fighters.  With workouts during the middle of each day, there was no down time.  This is my life.  A life that I am honored to lead.

Diary Of… Miesha Tate (Feb 4th,2011)


I attended the Diaz vs Cyborg Strikeforce event this past Saturday which was a spectacular card! Cyborg showed the heart of a champion but Diaz’s skill prevailed, I also really enjoyed the 2 preliminary womens bouts they showed a lot of talent! Now it’s time to focus on me and winning my title against Marloes Coenen set for March 5th!

Paul Daley Sounds Off On Nick Diaz, Tyron Woodley on The MMA Hour

Source: MMAFighting



Paul Daley has never been one to hold his tongue and proved that today, as he truly went off on a selection of subjects in true Daley style.


Daley, who fights on February 28th at the M.E.N arena for UK organization BAMMA, was a guest on The MMA Hour  with Ariel Helwani and he spoke at length about current Strikefoce Welterweight Champion and potential future opponent, Nick Diaz. When discussing Diaz’s ability to takedown his opponents, Daley was not impressed with his skills.

“”Most of his takedowns come from the clinch or he’s dropping guys with bodyshots, but that ain’t gonna happen with me. Yeah he’s fast but he’s not explosive like me when it comes to MMA. He’s got great conditioning, yeah, but what happens when I’m moving three or four times as fast as anybody he’s fought in the past? How’s he going to deal with that?” said Daley.


Daley also had some harsh words, for unbeaten Strikeforce prospect, Tyron Woodley who is 9-0 in his career and is another fighter on course for a shot at Diaz’s title.


“Even though he’s 9-0, what’s this guy got to offer me?” said Daley.

“He ain’t Josh Koscheck. He ain’t Jake Shields. He’s not on that level and he’s never fought anybody of my level, either. I think it’s crazy they would’ve put that fight together because I would’ve messed him up really bad.”


Top Coaches: 5 Awesome Striking Coaches

Anybody that thinks that MMA fighters train themselves, walk into a cage and just “win”, either know nothing about the sport or are complete fools. Coaches don’t get the praise they deserve, so here at MMA UK, we thought we’d give you five awesome striking coaches. Obviously, we’re gonna miss out on some really good ones so don’t think of it as definitive list of the best, it’s more of a list of striking coaches that we like here on the site.


Gil Martinez – Team Xtreme Couture

Gil currently trains and works with our amateur team – Advanced classes.

Gil helps fine tune pro MMA fighters boxing skills and techniq

According to http://www.xtremecouture.tv


Remember Gray Maynard the wrestler, the guy who a lot of fans said “Laid and Prayed” his way to decision victories. Well, I suppose training with Gil has stopped that idea from even being a thought in fans minds after his performance at UFC 125. Ask Maynard and any of other guys that Martinez coaches, who got has gotten their boxing to the level it is now and they’ll give Martinez full credit.


Javier Mendez – American Kickboxing Academy

One of the many striking coaches at AKA, Javier was a savage fighter in his own right and now he’s passing on his expertise to the likes of UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez.  Mendez isn’t just a striking coach though, he’s also one of the head coaches of AKA and in an interview with Dave Camarillo, that we did last year, Mendez is a “true master”.


Richard Perez – Cesar Gracie’s

The boxing style of Nick and Nate Diaz might be slightly awkward, but it’s effective so how can you knock it? Nick’s boxing has looked incredible recently, especially since he’s fought someone of the striking pedigree of KJ Noons and is looking at a potential boxing fight in 2011. Perez is the man behind the Diaz’s brothers success when it comes to their striking.


Duke Roufus – Roufus Martial Arts Academy



KF, International Kickboxing Federation World Super Heavyweight Champion (1998): Roufus won his IKF Title on December 4th, 1998 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA over Hiriwa TeRangi of New Zealand unanimous decision. Roufus defended his IKF title once with a first round KO over Grant Barker of Sydney Australia on March 19, 1999 in Milwaukee, WI USA.

  • W.K.B.A. World Super Heavyweight Champion (1996)
  • K.I.C.K. World Super Heavyweight Champion (1997)
  • W.K.A. North American Super Heavyweight Champion (1993)
  • W.A.K.O. World Super Heavyweight Champion (1995)


When I spoke to Duke Roufus at the start of the year and asked him what his predictions for the new year would be, his response was “2011 will be the year of the strikers” and he might be right,  judging by the way that 2010 ended with Roufus protege, Anthony Pettis delivering arguably the best moment in MMA history with “that kick”.

Pettis will be the first to admit that his explosive and unpredictable Tae-Kwon-Do styled striking is down to the tutoring of Roufus who has also coached the likes of Pat Barry and Alan Belcher. Roufus might have gathered some of the best strikers in the sport. Watch out for him and his crew.


Trevor Wittman – Grudge Training Centre

Behind the humble and zen like attitude to life, gentle demeanor and almost legendary smile is a man who coaches some of the most savage men in MMA. From the likes of Rashad Evans, Shane Carwin, Nate Marquardt and Duane Ludwig, Wittman is known for putting all of his fighters through their paces and making sure they’re all ready to go when it comes to cage and you can expect Wittman’s fighters to be fully prepared for a striking war.


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Strikeforce: Diaz Vs Santos Results

Diaz defeats Santos via submission (armbar) at 4:50 of round 2 to retain the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship.
Souza defeated Lawler via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:00 of round 3 to retain the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship.
Walker defeated Carson via TKO (strikes) at 3:13 of round 1.
Gracie defeated Prangley via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:19 of round 1.